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Notice: Change of venue

Culver City Community shredding events Will be Held on 2/4/2023 and 3/4/2023 ; at 2-5pm at Syd Kronenthal Park 3459 McManus Ave Culver City CA 90232 Parking Lot

Notice: Culver City Community shredding event Will be Held on 09/10/2022; 2-5pm at the senior center at 4095 Overland Ave, Culver City CA 90203

Notice: Culver City Community shredding event Will be Held on 09/10/2022; 2-5pm at the senior center at 4095 Overland Ave, Culver City CA 90203

We offer a variety of options to meet your busy schedule. 

Secure Business Document Destruction Services

Our office will respond promptly to safe document removal and shredding. You may give us a call, email us, or write to us for a price quote. Whether you want onsite or off-site shredding, we are equipped to handle all paper from your business wherever they are stored. We do our best to work with your schedule for your convenience on a same day or next day basis depending on time slots available. For Shred Now, no job is too small or too big to undertake. We have the following options available to you for your convenience.

Periodic Purges & One-time Services

Periodic purges, year end and facility moves can be scheduled on a call in basis. Material does not have to be stored in our security containers to be destroyed.

We pick up your documents from your Business, public storage or residence and securely shred them at our location the same day. We then issue you with a certificate of destruction as a guarantee that the documents were securely handled and destroyed by shredding.

This service is especially suitable for some residential areas inaccessible to trucks or where vehicular noise emissions are strictly restricted.

Regularly Scheduled Services

Shred Now will place locked security consoles or containers in designated areas at your premises. You fill the consoles/containers with everything to be shredded and at scheduled intervals, our bonded, uniformed staff transports the containers to the vehicle where it is securely lifted with hydraulic arm and tipped into the shredding system as you watch from a video monitor. You are then issued with a certificate of Destruction/shredding. This can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Convenient Shredding Options

To facilitate shredding and document disposal service where onsite shredding is not possible, we have worked out convenient options for our customers. We may pick up documents from your premises by secure means and carry out the shredding at our location with the same degree of integrity and professionalism. We also open our office for easy drop-off service Monday to Friday. We currently hold a community shredding event every first Saturday of the month at a nominal charge.

Convenient, Local Drop Off location

You have an option to drop-off your documents anytime on week days between 9:00am and 5:00pm at our offices located at 8939 Sepulveda Blvd, suite 340, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Our staff will help you with the documents right from your car. The documents will be locked in a secure custody until the end of the day when the mobile shredder returns from the day's appointments to shred all drop-off documents for the day. A certificate of destruction will be mailed to you once the documents have been shredded.

Residential Document Removes, Paper Removal & Recycling Services

• Is your garage or home office full of old, unwanted private records? • Has your loved one left private information you want to securely dispose and protect their identity? • Are you tired of home shredders that won't work? • Are you simply moving and need a onetime clean up? All you need is to give us a call and we will come to you. Customers can have their confidential documents shredded on their premises. Our onsite service is available for jobs of all sizes.

Shredding/Destruction of Uniforms and clothes recycling:

Shred Now will shred your uniforms in case of obsolete contracts, closing down business or re-branding. We will shred your branded material to ensure no one uses your brand/logo to masquerade as your staff. We recycle factory reject clothes to protect your brand. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Hard-drive and Electronic Document Destruction

ShredNow will destroy your hard drives or other electronic document storage on site/offsite as needed. We know how important it is to protect your personal or company data and other records from hackers. We are equipped with ultramodern hard-drive destroyers in compliance with data destruction law. Call us for your electronic data destruction today for your peace of mind.

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