Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the banker-box size?
12x15x10 (Inches)

2. What is the minimum number of boxes for onsite shredding?
There is no minimum. No job is too small for us to do; but the minimum charge applies per visit.

3. Do I have to remove the staples, fasteners and clips?


4. What about binder clips?
We only recommend removal of larger binder clips (see photos)


5. Do you shred X-ray films?
No. However, we may pick them up and send them to a place where they can be safely shredded and disposed off.

6. How do I pay for rendered services
We accept checks, cash, and VISA and MASTER-CARD credit/debit cards. We do billing/invoicing for companies with prior arrangements.


7. Do you supply containers for storage?
Yes. We supply lockable consoles and containers free of charge and provide purge services on a call or schedule basis.consoles

8. What are community events?
These are days when we conduct shredding at reduced special rates at places and times advertised.

9. Does the paper have to be in boxes?
No. We empty the paper in our containers and will estimate the amount of paper for you.

10. Do you pick up documents for off-site shredding?

11. Can I drop-off documents for shredding at your office location?
Yes. We encourage you to call prior to coming so that we can make suitable arrangements to receive your papers.

12. What happens to the shredded paper?
All shredded paper is taken to a recycling location where it is eventually processed for production of recycled paper contributing to the environmental conservation efforts.

13. Do I get to see and ensure that the paper is shredded?
Yes. Our truck is equipped with a video monitor where you can see all the paper shredding process live on the screen.

14. Are you bonded, insured or are a member of any major commerce body?
Yes. We are bonded and insured. We are in compliance with all state and Federal laws governing document destruction, identity protection and recycling services. We are members of Better Business Bureau (BBB), Westchester Chamber of Commerce.

15. Do you shred X-ray films?
No. X-ray films may be separated from other paper documents and taken separately for specialized recycling due to their hazardous condition.

15. Items that we do not shred: