Onsite Shredding / Mobile Shredding

Onsite Shredding at affordable rates
Our onsite shredding service is manned by a friendly professional crew who will ensure that your documents are handled with the highest degree of confidentiality and security. We destroy your documents with a state of the art heavy duty shredding machinery able to access any street and most alleys to ensure convenience, access, and affordability. For Shred Now, there are no jobs too small. Every customer matters to us. We take your privacy seriously and disposing your confidential materials with us means peace of mind for you.

Lockable Console & Container Service

Purchase-free lockable console and container service
For our customers in clinical, legal, insurance and other agencies that produce daily materials for shredding, we provide lockable, safe, convenient, aesthetic and affordable containers provided and installed free of charge. We service and shred documents on site on a call basis or the agreed schedule.


Lockable and secure: Store documents until ready for shredding.
Scheduled service: Weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly.
Helps stay organized: No boxes, no clutter.
Set budget: You know what you are paying every month.
Free container: Pay only when we shred.
Increase employee productivity: Employees can focus on their work instead of time consuming office shredding.